Feb 2020

Blogging 2 months in a row, someone get me a trophy ???? for blogging about my HTML5 games!! I’m excited that I’m actually sticking to what I said I would do and actually blog once a month about making free HTML5 games. I find that I’m much more likely to write some HTML5 code if I know I have to blog about it.

GameMaker News

I have seen that GameMaker Studio 2 (GMS2) version 2.2.4 supports WebSockets which is incredible! Before writing Steakhouse Chef, I attempted to make a .io game but found using Node.js and websockets via JavaScript extremely difficult. The documentation was a bit empty to say the least and I never could make free HTML5 games that was multiplayer with it. The fact that it now exists in GMS2 version 2.4.4 is incredible. I have read a few posts about this and the replies were fairly bleak so this means that perhaps after this game I should look into using websockets once more. I’m not the only one who appreciates this from YoYo Games either which is amazing to see!


Since last month, I have continued to work on my HTML5 game with the idea of publishing to the Google Play Store. So far it seems to be going well.

Git is amazing! I didn’t realise how immediately tangible the benefits would be when I started using Git. Now I wouldn’t go back, not for anything!

Steakhouse chef is coming along really well. I mostly focused on aesthetic improvements this month. Making sure the look and feel of the game is more professional. I think I would like to get a real artist in for this game, but I’ve no idea how expensive that would be, plus, the art I’ve got isn’t so bad isn’t? Just needs a bit of TLC.

Looks slightly better no? The food images are just various meat emojis.

It just comes alive when animated!

The button is pretty juicy as it stands, although I have been told it’s a bit too bouncy and could be slowed down a bit. I’ll have to implement that at some point.

Game Transitions

This is what I’ve really been doing. Look how smooth the animation is below. (Had to compress the GIF, but you get the general idea)

HTML5 Game Transitions
So so proud of how good this looks!

Plans for March 2020

My plan is to give the actual gameplay a makeover. It needs to match aesthetically to the title page.

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