Jan 2020

Wow, I didn’t blog at all in 2019. It has been some time, but I have continued HTML5 game development through, promise!

There is a lot of discussion about burn out and for most of 2019 I couldn’t face running GameMaker Studio, understanding what I’d written (usually take a few hours), then start HTML5 game development. I started to fill my time with other, “more productive” things. Things like understanding GitHub, like building up my PowerShell knowledge.

Doing that was fine, nothing really wrong with it in any sense. My time was spent “productively” but I do regret not spending more time using GameMaker Studio making HTML5 games. Keeping that drive going is hard. Very hard. I have recently read quite a lot about how to keep motivation levels high when you really don’t feel like it. Especially if you are like me, and after doing a LONG shift at work, where you stare at a screen all day, to stare at yet another screen. Sometimes you do need a break for HTML5 game development!

It seems that motivation is a common issue amongst the creative industries. The remedies that I want to enact this year is to try and open GameMaker Studio at least once a week and make at least one edit and sync it to my BitBucket repo (Bitbucket is basically GitHub but free and private). Just one update a week, even it’s just updating my todo list, that’s OK. If I keep building this into my weekly routine, I’m bound to even *gasp* continue to develop something. To that end, I have written a NEW YEARS GOALS which contains “Blog 1 a month” on it. So by January 2021 there should be at least 12 more additions to this blog.

Update – Before/After

So what have I been doing? Mostly, after receiving feedback from my younger brother, I should try and work on the aesthetic at bit more than not at all. I’ve really tried to make Steakhouse Chef juicy…*shudder*. I’ve uploaded some before and after shots so you can see I have been actively working.

You can see the biggest difference is the flames. The look and act more like actual real flames on the right than the flat images of yellow fire on the left. You can also see there’s more animation in the countdown on the right, but I’m still not entirely happy with how it looks. I think it’s the font(?) not too sure, but that’s likely to change.

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