Jan 2018

Jan 2018

Happy new year to all! It’s been some time since I’ve last updated my HTML5 game development website and blog. I’ve been moving from the South of England to the North. Finding a new job has been time consuming. I’m also getting married this year so have been busy planning that too! It feels good to be able to post game development plans again!

My new job is going well so far. One of the main benefits of this new job is the amount of free time I will have to make games. Previously, it would take around 90 minutes to commute – one way. So a total of 3 hours travelling to or from work(!) I would also be expected to work an hour of overtime a day.

As you can imagine it’s been difficult to try and write HTML5 games or update the website about the state of my HTML5 Mobile Games (or even work on these games) when most of my time awake was spent either travelling to/from work or at work. Thankfully my new job has a 15 minute commute walking! which is insane. I have never had this much free time available as I do now to create mobile compatible HTML5 games. It’s almost too perfect!

New Year Goals

I really want to use the great position I’ve found myself in this year to do some great HTML5 development. With such a short commute, in a job that wants me to do my work hours – no more, no less – should allow me to make some major changes in terms of focusing on mobile game development. I want to do the following:

  1. Exercise twice a week
  2. Interact and engage in the communities I like (tweet more than retweet, blog about my game development, work on game development)


I think these goals, especially with the time I’ve gained, should make it easy for me. I am going to start by at least tweeting or replying to a post online a day about HTML5 games. The more you engage in a community, the more you get back.

Future HTML5 Plans

As I posted here, 2017 was tricky for game development. I was busy relocating and have been unpacking and busy with Christmas. Additionally, I have been stuck trying to create a HTML5 .io game in GameMaker. I’ve pretty sure I’ve looked everywhere online, and there isn’t an example of a working, playable HTML5 multiplayer game made in GM:S. It just doesn’t exist. I thought I could make the first game, but kept running into roadblocks. Issues with design and GameMaker’s lack of HTML5 support with certain functions have made it virtually impossible for me. I even purchased GameMaker 2 that should have fixed some of the known bugs in GM:S 1.4 but it STILL has problems.

HTML5 module just doesn’t seem to be as polished as any of the other modules available (Android, iOS, Windows etc.) Even more annoying is that my whole plan was to write it in HTML5, get it to work perfectly, then convert the HTML5 games to iOS, Android, Windows, etc. to widen my potential customer base! This isn’t great for me. I am seriously considering abandoning using the HTML5 module and learning another, more stable Javascript language – phaser for example. I dunno…we’ll see I guess.

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