October 2018 Update

Hello October! I am trying to blog and develop HTML5 games regularly. It’s not that easy! Recently, I’ve going easy on myself and trying to do at least one thing every couple of days – post on Reddit, like, comment or share a HTML5 game developer I rate – that kind of thing.

Reddit Feedback

This month I posted my proof-of-concept game – Steakhouse Chef. I posted the fully HTML5 compatible game on Reddit which was a really scary. Some real effort went into the game. It was tricky to make it simple but appealing. Ultimately it was to ensure the HTML game design was good. This really means it plays and scales well on mobile, tablet and PC, which is does :).  I posted the game in a couple of subreddit places – r/indiedev and r/gamemaker. The actual articles can be seen HERE and HERE.

Gameplay in action


The feedback from the two threads were positive! I received comments such as:

“It is pretty easy and simple to figure out what to do, so that’s good”

“It looks like you have the components of a functional game all in place. Well done!”





The game works on other people’s devices including iOS. I completely forgot to test the HTML5 game on iOS so that is a relief! The game seems like a simple game that other just understood and could play, which was nice to know. It was really scary to have something I created out in the universe for others to judge. But everyone seemed to think there was the basis of a game here, so I could continue to refine the graphics and gameplay. I wanted to add RPG features to the game including:


  1. Ability to upgrade the cooker

  2. Purchase different quality meat

  3. Ability to redecorate the establishment


Low Poly

I am enamoured with low poly graphics. Particularly graphics from QuaterniusDev. His low poly art is fantastic! So smooth and elegant. At the moment I want to use his art wherever possible in my game.