July 2020 Update

Blogging because I have to, but again, not much to report in terms of making games this month. Professional work life is taking over my life. I’m in the midst of getting a big promotion that requires me to spend most evenings learning new SQL concepts. Not a lot of time to make games. I’m trying my best to sit and complete this game, but it’s tricky!

July Changes

In terms of changes since last month, there’s been a couple of small but significant changes to the game. I’ve added a background shelf to the cooker. I think this grounds the game in reality more. No more floating cooker. No more inexplicible floating objects. I’ve also given the game a floor. So it feels more real. Again, feels like it’s set more in the real world with gravity and weight to certain objects.

Looks like a restaurant!

I have asked my younger brother to playtest the game. He can be a harsh critic. Below are some of his suggestions of the game.

WhatsApp Critique

I’m really interested with my brothers suggestion to make the game “progessively harder”. I feel like that’s something I always wanted to add but never got round to.

Work to do

I think the most obvious thing to change is the floating bank icon in the top left hand corner. I like the idea of coins rushing to the bank icon and the bank shaking and glowing when the coins hit it. That’s a nice clear indicator of whether you did good or not.

I also want to have the customer swaying slightly so they seem less static. I found an interesting way to get that done. I’ll give that a try. Hopefully I’ll have enough time to get the above completed by the end of next month.

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