June 2020 Update

I thought I would write an update to show just how far I’ve come since starting the commitment to blog once a month for 2020. I think showing some side by side comparisons would be great as a nice reminder that progress is always being made, even if it doesn’t feel like it.


I’ve radically changed the sprites I’ve used from when I first started making Steakhouse Chef. I remember still deciding what type of art style I wanted (2D art, vs. low poly) or even wondering how important artistic cohesion is (extremely!)

When I first started the entire background was blue and the fire was just static fire icons. Now, by implementing some classic animation techniques, it looks much more lively.

Before and After – 6 months

I’ve changed from having a generic art set to emojis for the customers. Customers not appearing and disappearing, which I guess is related to juicy animation. I try to really look at indie games to see if there what the difference is between people who are first making/releasing games and people who have been releasing games for a while. Animation, cohesiveness, juiciness, fun factor. All things that are surprisingly easy to miss out on.

Work to do

There is still some work to do to get this game working well as I listed last month. I think the table top needs to look better. Right now it’s just a floating bar across the top 3rd of the screen needs to be done. I think that would give the game a boost visually.

I’m hoping to get the completed before the end of the year. Nothing stopping me from continually updating the game. As soon as it’s core gameplay is fully completed first, of course.

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