November 2020

One more month gone. It certainly does look like my year long goal of releasing a HTML5 game won’t be reached. I am a bit disappointed that I was unable to reach this goal. For 12 months, I’ve been working on this HTML5 game and I feel that I’m most likely 3-4 months away from completion.

If I consider the facts that prevented the completion of this HTML5 game

  • 2 job promotions in a year
  • Upcoming interview for SQL role at work

It sort of does make sense why it’s taken so long. COVID should/would have been a perfect time to complete projects. I doubt we’ll ever get as much time to stay at home, but…it just didn’t work out that way. My HTML5 game will likely be completed by Feb/Mar 2021.


From my list in the previous post, I listed 8 points I wanted completed. Below is my progress.

  • Simplify and have better use of colour
  • Better and more animated background layers
  • Universal font
  • Background for fire
  • Money icon change
  • Have characters sway for more natural movement
  • Shop to pay for repairs/food
  • Option to clean the restaurant

So I managed to get 4 items complete on the list.

I’ve chosen a trendy colour palette which I think has provided more cohesion to the game overall

I’m hoping by next month to complete the following;

  • Have the customers sway so they look more animated.
  • Limit the amount of customers to 5 for example, in terms of levels
  • Add a menu select option after serving 5 customers.

I think that if it is 5 customers, each needing 5 seconds to cook the meal and another 5 seconds for the customer to arrive and leave then in under a minute the user is never more than 60 seconds away from the menu screen. The menu screen will contain the option to repair/improve the stove’s capability and clean the restaurant. So hopefully it’ll have rudimentary RPG elements. But we’ll see.

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