October 2020

My final short blog, I promise. Firstly, I passed my Microsoft Exam and I am SQL Server certified! Now that the exam has been completed, I can focus on this HTML5 game again. SteakHouse Chef development is now back on the table. So, the original plan was to finish the game before the end of the year. This, I think, is still possible, but some of the grand plans I had will either have to be removed or stripped back entirely for this HTML5 game.

The non-Exhaustive to-do list for SteakHouse Chef

Below is a list of things I know I wanted to do for this game

  • Simplify and have better use of colour
  • Better and more animated background layers
  • Universal font
  • Background for fire
  • Money icon change
  • Have characters sway for more natural movement
  • Shop to pay for repairs/food
  • Option to clean the restaurant

Most of the above amounts to “more juice”, which is fine. That’s always been something I wanted to improve on for this HTML5 game. So really, more consistency and more fluidity in the game. I think, of the list above, all except…maybe the shop stuff can be completed. I still wanna get this game out and online before the end of the year. Then I can begin my other projects.

With the new year approaching, I need to focus on completing and rolling out this game. It shouldn’t be too hard. Just need to focus on 2/3 of these per month until it’s done.

To Do List
To Do List on my Wall. Notice “Release Steakhouse Chef” and “Blog 1 a month” is present

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