September 2020

Another short blog. Yet again. I’ve been unable to even open GameMaker Studio to work on the game. Currently studying for a Microsoft SQL Server 2016 certification. I believe obtaining this certification would make me more desirable for my new acting-up DBA role. As a result of this, I have been spending most evenings revising and learning SQL rather than any game development.

I’m hoping to take the exam around mid October to will be able to get back to gamedev stuff after that. Until then I’ve been reading up a lot on raycasting.

This very entertaining video from 3DSage reminded me of this book. I don’t think I’ve ever seen a hyper-casual raycasting game so it got my mind racing a little bit. By all accounts raycasting is easy to do and has a very unique style. I would need to come up with a good game idea so it made sense that raycasting was used. I still want to create HTML5 games that are compatible on mobile. I also want to create HTML5 games that are enjoyable to play. I am sick of generic endless runners. I suppose I’m waiting for that 1% inspiration.

I think now, during lockdown would be a great time to release a game and get it out there. People are craving entertainment and it would be a real shame if I wasn’t able to capitalise and release something during this period. I think if I didn’t go for this new job I probably would have had the Steakhouse Chef game out and on the Play Store and by now.

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